Friday, July 12, 2019

We can't wait to see you again.. 🤝👍
Please drop by our New Branch Office here in General Santos City and meet our TPI Gensan Team. We are located in P. Acharon Blvd (Front of Matutum Hotel and besides Rolee Bakeshop).
Here are some products on Stock to serve our Fishing, Shipyard, Construction, Mining, Steel, Cement Customers and etc. 🏗🚢🎣🔧
1. Super Tuna Chains 
2. Connecting Links 🔗
3. Shackles
4. Hooks
5. Turnbuckles
6. Cutting and Grinding Disk. 💿
7. Thimbles
8. Wire rope Clips
9. Snatch Blocks
10. Chain Block and Lever Block
And more...
For inquiries, you may reach us here:
☎️083 553 1491
"We see our Customers as invited guest to a party, and we are the hosts. It's our job everyday to make everyday important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better" - Jeff Bezos
See you all soon and remember We are with you all the way.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Message from our President & General Manager, Mr. Ruperto S. Bagsik.

"To All Our Customers, Suppliers & Business Partners - We thank you for all your support and cooperation during the past 36 years. We hope and pray that with the opening of our Branch in General Santos City, we can better serve our customers in Gensan and other areas in Mindanao including the nearby countries. From the Officers, Management & Staff of Techpro Philippines, Inc."

Friday, July 06, 2018

Campbell Chain Sling Grade 100

Founded in 1919, Campbell is the largest manufacturer of welded and weldless chain in the United States. Users of Campbell chain can select from a wide range of working load capacities including proof coil, high test, transport and alloy; finishes including self-colored, Blu-Krome®, galvanized and bright color polycoated; links that are short, long, twisted, locked, looped, even stamped from flat stock. Several chain types are even available in solid brass and bronze.
Campbell chains and assemblies, including slings for overhead lifting, tie-downs and binder chains, have earned for the manufacturer an outstanding reputation for quality.

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Redesigned latch assembly features extra-thick steel construction

Campbell® Cat. No. 5746695PL 3/8" Grade 100 Quik-Alloy® PL Clevis Sling Hook with Latch
Sparks, Maryland – Campbell®, a premier brand of chain and fittings from Apex Tool Group, today announced its new improved Grade 100 Alloy Sling Hooks. The new green-painted hooks are available in both clevis and eye styles and are made for use with Grade 80 and Grade 100 chain slings. Latched models feature a new heavy-duty latch and spring assembly.
The new latch and spring assembly is designed for exceptional durability. The heavy-gauge, high-strength steel latch with reinforcing rib provides ultimate rigidity and bending resistance and has a yellow chromate finish for corrosion resistance. The double-strength spring ensures the latch is held against the hook to securely retain slings and other components. For added durability, the hooks are designed with dual forged support bosses, providing lateral support for precise latch/hook alignment and engagement.
“These U.S.-made Sling Hooks are designed for extreme durability and long life,” said Lyn Bethea, Campbell product manager. “The new heavy-duty latch is stronger than ever before, but is also easy to replace in case of damage.”
With a 4:1 design factor, the new Alloy Sling Hooks meet or exceed the requirements of ASME B30.9 and B30.10. The working load limit ranges from 5,700 lbs. to 35,300 lbs.
Along with Rated Capacity and Made in USA markings, a Latch Code is forged into each hook for easy, accurate replacement ordering

The DSR lifting ring is a double swivel ring. It is specially designed for simultaneously lifting and rotating loads. Its double swivel action ensures perfect.
It consists of a GRADUP steel ring that can swivel under the load. The ring swivels 180°, but has a rotating range of 360°.
All DSR models have a safety factor of 4 and 5, which means that their breaking load is four or five times greater than the capacity indicated in the technical sheet.
The DSR model is available in either male or female versions (FE.DSR).
Backed by its design department, CODIPRO is able to design customised lifting rings for specific needs.
Each swivel lifting ring is delivered with a user manual and a certificate of compliance. They are ISO 14001 and ISO 9001certified in keeping with essential safety requirements.

The CODIPRO team, always listening to the market and keeping an eye on its trends, works constantly to improve and develop its range of swivel lifting rings.
The GRADUP range has been especially developed to be the quintessential swivel lifting ring, particularly in terms of the quality of the raw materials used.


Friday, October 13, 2017

Cleco air impact wrenches combine powerful performance, rock-solid durability, and user-preferred ergonomics into one comfortable and lightweight package. A reliable twin hammer mechanism and industrial grade bearings further ensure long-lasting productivity. 

Explore the Cleco CW Series of Air Impact Wrenches:

CWC Series— The CWC series of pistol grip impact wrenches are lightweight and comfortable, while still delivering the power necessary for heavy-duty applications. Unique features include a twin hammer impacting mechanism with triple cycle heat treatment, a high-output motor with industrial-grade bearings, variable-speed trigger and one-handed forward/reverse switch, and a temperature- and vibration-resistant comfort grip handle. The CWC series of Cleco impacts are available in 1/4"", 3/8"", 1/2"", 1/2"" extended and 3/4"" drive sizes.

CWM Series— Built for the most demanding fastening applications, the Cleco CWM series of pistol grip impacts is rugged enough to withstand the rigors of any work environment. Powered by a heavy-duty motor capable of delivering up to 1350 ft. lbs. of torque, CWM impact wrenches feature all-metal construction and an easy-to-use lever-controlled forward/reverse mechanism that can be activated wearing work gloves. CWM wrenches are available in 3/8"", 1/2"" and 3/4"" drive sizes, with either a pin or ring anvil system.

CV Series — Use Cleco’s CV series of air impact wrenches for general industrial and repair applications, or for any job that requires high torque in a lightweight and comfortable package. CV impact wrenches offer many of the same advanced features you’ll find on heavier-duty Cleco tools, including a durable motor with an excellent power-to-weight ratio, ergonomic controls that allow you to easily adjust forward, reverse and speed settings, and a silencer muffler that keeps noise to a minimum. Cleco CV air impact wrenches are available in 3/8"", 1/2"", 3/4"" and 1"" drive sizes.

Whatever your needs are, there’s a Cleco air impact wrench that’s up for the task. For assistance choosing the right product for the job, contact us now here Techpro Philippines, Inc.

Totally redesigned.

Totally reengineered.

Total performance and productivity.

The all new Industrial Air Impact Wrenches from Cleco.

Tough Tools. Easy Choice.

Monday, September 04, 2017

CODIPRO has developed a new unique ring the Giga DSS. Its features • A 125-tons WLL (Working Load Limit) with only one fixing point • A safety coefficient of 5

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

CODIPRO designs and manufactures patented safety swivel lifting rings. We design office studies and develops a new generation of swivel lifting rings designed to handle heavy equipment in complete safety (up to 125 tonnes per ring). Using a single, double or triple articulation, CODIPRO swivel lifting rings can be used in all directions and in all positions. They are patented, comply with the strictest safety standards and are particularly suitable for lifting and rotating heavy loads.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Campbell® is excited to announce the expansion of its Alloy Anchor Shackle product line to include 22 mid-to-large size screw-pin and bolt-type shackles.  Legacy shackles have been updated with a new innovative design and more than a dozen new sizes have been added to the Campbell Alloy Shackle line.

Campbell's portfolio of anchor shackles is now even more robust. Our new line of mid to large sizes of Screw Pin and Bolt Type Anchor Shackles features innovative design changes in our forgings to meet growing industry needs.

Proudly made in the USA

Alloy shackles meet all requirements for CE compliance

Bows, Pins and Bolts are galvanized to ASTM A-153 specifications

Meet or exceed all manufacturing requirements of ASME B30.26

Meet design requirements of federal specification RR-C-271F, Type IVA for Class 2 and Class 3

Drop forged for superior strength and performance

5:1 design factor

Working Load Limit (WLL) rated in metric tons (t)
To learn more about the new Alloy Anchor Shackles click below for the brochure or video:

Monday, August 15, 2016

This video showcases the Chain Making Process from Campbell® with 5 steps:

Step 1: Wire Draw
Step 2: Forming
Step 3: Welding
Step 4: Heat Treat
Step 5: Testing

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Over the decades, thousands of tough applications and just as many demanding customers have forged the Campbell brand. Today, Campbell industrial rigging solutions stand for strength. Campbell industrial fittings are closed-die drop-forged for superior strength and performance, and all alloy lifting chains and associated alloy chain fittings are 100% load tested to at least 2X the working load limit as "proof" of their reliability. Campbell chain and fittings are designed to maximized performance and expertly manufactured at our Pennsylvania and New York plants by skilled American craftsmen. Trust Campbell performance: 100% American Strong.

Campbell Pioneered the use of Grade 100 products over 20 years ago. Today, our Grade 100 products, including everything from master links to foundry hooks, deliver 25% higher working loads, proof-test loads and breaking strengths than the Grade 80 competition. That means lighter, more ergonomic and less expensive chain sling, benefiting your employees and your bottom line.




The Campbell Manufacturing plants in York, PA and Cortland, NY conforms to the International Organization for Standards (ISO) 9001 Quality Management Systems and by Det Norkse Veritas (DNV). 


For Inquiries, please contact us at 02 851 2315 or send us an email at


Friday, February 19, 2016

February 16th, 2016, is the 33rd Anniversary of our Company, Techpro Philippines, Inc. From a small company estabished in 1983 into a multimillion corporation of what it is now today with own building. own offices, our own warehouses, our own stock inventory, vehicles and loyal employees.
We take this opportunity to thank all our TPI Stockholders, Directors, Business Partners, Suppliers, Customers and Employees for all your support and cooperation during the past 33 years.
Maraming Salamat Po Sa Inyong Lahat!
Happy Anniversary and God Bless!

Sincerely Yours,

Ruperto S. Bagsik
Techpro Philippines, Inc.
President & Gen. Manager

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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