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Chain Sling (Campbell USA)

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Basic Types of Chain SlingSlings are designated throughout the industry by the symbols.
First Symbol (Basic type)S Single Chain Sling with master link and hook, or hook each end.
C Single Choker Chain Sling with master link each end. No hooks.
D Double Chain Sling with standard master link and hooks.
T Triple Chain Sling with standard master link and hooks.
Q Quadruple Chain Sling with standard master link and hooks.
SB Single basketDB Double basketSecond Symbol (Type of master link or end link)
O Standard Oblong Master Link–Recommended for all types.
Third Symbol (Type of Hooks)S Sling HookG Grab HookF Foundry HookSL Self-locking Hook.

Certificate of Test and Identification Tags
Campbell provides information in several forms that enables purchasers and users to operate safely and effectively in conformity with OSHA requirements. The drop forged Identification Tag is attached to the Master End Coupling link of each chain sling and provides the following lifetime information:
• Grade • Working Load Limit (at a specific angle of lift)
• Size • Serial number
• Reach • Type
A Certificate of Test is provided for every Campbell manufactured chain sling. The Campbell Certificate contains all of the information provided on the identification tag, plus the Proof Test load as required by OSHA regulations.

Cam-Alloy Chain Specifications
Cam-Alloy steel chain is electrically welded alloy steel embodying the latest manufacturing technology. Alloy provides a superior chain sling with high tensile strength and excellent wear resistance. The following chains meet or exceed all existing OSHA, ANSI, ASME, NACM and ASTM specification requirements. The Cam-Alloy chain and attachments used in fabricating Campbell chain slings offer a design factor of 4 to 1. System 8 is Campbell’s trade name for Grade 80 chain. System 10 is Campbell’s trade name for Grade 100 chain.

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