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Campbell Accessories & Fittings

Campbell®  Accessories
Campbell began manufacturing harness hardware of malleable iron in 1873. Over  the years, Campbell has added an extensive line of snaps made from malleable iron, steel, zinc, bronze, stainless steel, and aluminum. Campbell also offers a broad line of accessories to complement our chain and cable products, as well as products for use on synthetic webbing and rope.

Carbon and Alloy Steel Fittings Standards
CooperTools forges Campbell® fittings under established quality control procedures. Dimensional tolerances meet standards adopted by the Drop Forging Association as outlined in “Standard Practices and Tolerances for Impression Die Forgings.” Working load limits for carbon and alloy steel fittings are based on predetermined design factors.

Working Load Limit. This is the related capacity. It is the maximum load which should ever be applied to the fittings in service, even when they are new.

Proof Test. This is a term designating a quality control tensile test applied to the fitting during ar subsequent to the process of manufacture. It is the minimum force in pounds which the fitting has withstood in the condition and at the time it left the factory, under a test in which a constantly increasing force has been applied in direct tension to the fitting on a standard test machine.

Ton. Where “ton” is used in this catalog, it refers to short ton or 2,000 pounds.

WARNING: Do not exceed Working Load Limit.
Most of the fittings in this catalog are intended to be used in conjunction with other components in a load sustaining system. Care should be taken to select components of compatible type, grade, size and working load limit. Any abuse, misuse or alteration of the fitting may lessen the load that the fitting will sustain. Some examples of such changes and abuses are as follows:
• Twisting or side loading.
• Disfigurement.
• Deterioration of the fitting caused by strain, usage or
• Shock loading.
• Use for a purpose other than that for which the particular fitting was intended.
• Use to carry a load in excess of the Working Load Limit.
A continual inspection program should be undertaken to discover gouges, distortion, cracks, elongation or stretching, spread in the throat, opening of hooks, severe wear, or other damage. Apex Tool Group does not accept any liability for damages which may result from alteration, misuse or abuse of the product or from use in excess of the Working Load Limit.

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