Thursday, November 20, 2014

Campbell® and ArcAngel Metal Artworks Team Up

“The 7th Plague” Oversize Harley-Davidson Fantasy Chopper”

San Francisco East Bay, CA – When hardcore biker/artists David Marchand and Joey Nelson first conceived the insane idea of building an oversized Harley-Davidson chopper OUT OF CHAIN they set definite requirements for putting together this creative and crazy, off-the-wall, gonzo art project:

  • Must be full-size, technically accurate, and look like a real Harley-Davidson
  • Must be made entirely out of chain: sash chain, medium chain, wrapped chain
  • Must have wheels that ACTUALLY TURN on their hubs
  • Must be entirely built in America, by Americans for Americans

The result of their wild, American born and bread fantasy idea, the “The 7th Plague,” definitely nailed every one of their off-the-wall art project requirements listed and more. The oversized custom motorcycle monster built in the east bay of San Francisco is visually stunning, technically accurate, actually rolls on its wheels, and has astounded even the most hard-core bay area Harley riders.

Marchand and Nelson teamed up with Apex Tool Group to have Campbell® Chain provide all the Made In The USA Chain they needed to complete this fantastic project.

“Oh yeah! We even had Sonny Barger check out the photos of this bad boy. Let’s just say he was very pleasantly surprised,” explains David Marchand, chief designer and main force behind the wild, customized, oversize Harley-Davidson art project. Every biker who’s seen this machine thinks it’s crazy. It’s insane. You know, Harley guys are very protective and defensive about their machines. And they should be. And let’s face it. It got to be tight. So yeah, the feedback has been pretty dang awesome.”

In addition the ArcAngel Metal Artworks creation made entirely from Campbell® Chain was featured in the Annual Collector’s Edition of Easyriders(Nov. 2012); The World’s Largest-Selling Motorcycle Magazine for Men.

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