Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Cleco® Impact Wrenches - Tough Tools. Easy Choice

Cleco Industrial Air Impact Wrenches

Totally redesigned and reengineered, Cleco introduces a new line of best-in-class air impact wrenches that deliver more torque than ever before.

How much torque? How's this for a one-half inch Impact...
800 foot pounds in reverse...
600 in forward...
and over 1200 foot pounds of powerful break-away torque.
And we didn't stop there. Packed with features that maximize operator comfort and efficiency, Cleco Impacts deliver a new level of productivity. 

Attack more fasteners—quicker, easier— with less operator fatigue.

The new Cleco line has three series of wrenches tailored to the demands of industrial users.

Cleco's CWC Premium-featured Composite Impacts offer the ultimate balance of performance, ergonomics and durability. 

User-preferred features like the one hand push button forward and reverse action maximize productivity. 

Don't be fooled by the quiet operation or its light-weight design — the CWC series delivers superior performance—all day long.

The most powerful and rugged of the Cleco line, CWM Premium Metal housing Impacts are engineered for heavy-duty applications in the most demanding environments. 

A hard-hitting twin hammer impact mechanism and an armored
metal body can withstand years of rugged use ... and abuse.

If you're looking for high-torque at an unbeatable value, look no further than the new Cleco CV series. Engineered to be light-weight, balanced, and comfortable, CV impacts are the ideal solution for general industrial production, maintenance, and overhaul.

Each of the three Cleco series comes with...

Heat-treated, twin hammer impact mechanisms and Industrial-grade bearings for long lasting performance.

A variable speed trigger for precise control.

Pin or Ring anvils for expanded versatility.

And, ergonomic handles that resist chemicals, temperatures and dampen vibrations for operator comfort.

Totally redesigned.

Totally reengineered.

Total performance and productivity.

The all new Industrial Air Impact Wrenches from Cleco.

Tough Tools. Easy Choice.

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