Friday, November 24, 2017

Techpro Philippines Inc @ 64th Annual National Mine Safety and Environment Conference

Mining companies continue to pour substantial investment to make the country’s mineral sector a much safer industry, the Philippine Mine Safety and Environment Association (PMSEA).
PMSEA, which is holding the 64th Annual National Mine Safety and Environment Conference (ANMSEC) in Baguio City, vowed to further intensify the campaign on responsible mining by highlighting the efforts being done to ensure safety within the industry.
“The general message is in spite of the challenges of the industry, and we are not a perfect industry, we are focused and committed to not only advocate responsible mining but to practice it on the ground,” PMSEA President Louie Sarmiento said.
Over the years miners have transformed themselves, investing billions for technology and world-class designs that could help them mitigate the risks in their operations, he added.
“Because of the technology, experience, and how mine sites are now being designed, companies now know how to mitigate the risks, such as landslide and flooding, in their operations. They are really spending a lot. Right now miners are very much capable of ensuring the safety of the industry,” Sarmiento said.
Moving forward, he expects more miners in the country to step up their operations by tapping the right technology and improving their designs to beyond complying even with global mining standards and guidelines.

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